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Liberia, West Africa

The Kuwaa Mission:

Restoring the Kuwaa chiefdom after 25 years of civil war. We are providing fresh clean water wells and filters to 16 villages where formerly half the children die before reaching 10 years of age. We also are providing school supplies for the children and restoring the schools and churches damaged in the war.
The Alice and Parker Irey ChristCare Bible group started a fundraising campaign in 2010 to support a new well for one of the villages in Liberia. Our long time members, Ed and Diane Stelling who were missionaries with Lutheran Bible Translators lived in Liberia for several years and continue to support the Kuwaa people today. They shared with us how contaminated the water is from the river and many young children die in their early years.
We are happy to report that a check was sent for $3,200.00 to the Kuwaa Mission in Liberia to help fund a new well.

A huge Thank You goes to everyone at CLC for your generous support and donations given this project.
We have requested that the new well be dedicated on behalf of the Stelling family and Christ Lutheran Church of Costa Mesa. Ed went to Liberia in April 2012 for a month and was very pleased that some of the people remembered him. He conducted many training classes for teachers and worked with the people in their villages.
Stan’s Trip:
Stan Olsen arrived in Monrovia on Jan. 5, 2018 and hit the ground running. He presented the motorbike to Rev. Paye, who was so grate-ful. Photos are on facebook. He hopes to also present a motorbike to the Kondesu Clinic nurse when he returns from up country. Samaritan’s Purse flew him to Kondesu on Jan. 12, with his guide, Murphy, and the clinic con-struction supervisor, Nathan. He will walk between many villages and is scheduled to be picked up from Mauvordor on Jan. 23. Please keep them in your prayers.
Well Work:
About 95% of the well materials have been delivered to the villages. They went by road to Fassama, and Samari-tan’s Purse generously donated helicopter use to deliver materials from there to the villages. Well digging is in pro-gress.
Clinic Remodel:
Work should be in process. We will get a report when Stan returns to Monrovia.
Bible School & Sanitation:
Korpo will go to Mauvordor on Jan. 23 to do Vacation Bible School, Sanitation, and distribute Days for Girls kits. Rev. Paye will assist with Bible School. Korpo will bring materials from Monrovia when she goes.
Teacher training:
Teacher training was completed the end of December and 9 people took the test in early January. Rev. Paye said they were very appreciative of the opportunity that the Kuwaa Mission gave to them. I’m not sure when test results will be available. We paid a part of their test fees, with $15 going to each.
Days for Girls (personal hygiene kits):
Stan carried some kits and gave to Korpo for distribution. No word yet on when the container shipment will arrive in Liberia, with 100 kits. We will probably need to hire Korpo to take them up country later in the year. I spoke to her, and she is willing to go.
Evangelists Training:
The 4 evangelists began their training this month in Totota.
Na mama o! (Thank you very much in Kuwaa) Thank you to the members not Christ Lutheran who have faithfully over the years been supportive of our missionary service in Liberia back in the 1970’s and continue to support the work of the Kuwaa Mission even today with prayers and financial support.

Currently, the Kuwaa Mission is raising funds for a solar system to refrigerate vaccines and other medications in a new medical clinic that was built by our remote village of Kondesu, located in Liberia, West Africa. (The Liberian Government requires solar power for the refrigeration system.)

The site for the clinic was selected as it will serve many villages that are reachable only by foot. It is the 2nd clinic in Kuwaa Chiefdom which consists of 16 villages. Another clinic needs to be built in the future to serve the other remote villages. Part of this project will provide a well and nurses quarters.

In February, the Kuwaa Mission will celebrate its 5th anniversary. So far we have built 14 wells, (3 more next year), built one medical clinic, paid for scholarships for evangelists and 1 RN, donated school and medical supplies and handed out portable water filters. We also have offered workshops for well maintenance/water filter care and for training teachers/evangelists. God has greatly blessed our efforts these past 5 years. Any support you can give us towards this project is most appreciated.

One half of the children die before they reach 10 years of age due to lack of clean water, malaria and malnutrition. This clinic and well will make a huge difference in their lives! We have much work to do and we are most thankful for the prayers and financial support from Christ Lutheran Church, Parker Irey and Bonnie Herring’s ChristCare group and the school children of Christ Lutheran School.
Na mama o! (Thank you, in the Kuwaa language)
Ed and Diane Stelling, our children Jennifer, Scott and Heather
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