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Gulf Coast Build

Rebuild Gulf Coast
A team of four members went to New Orleans. The team worked as volunteer laborers for Wand, a single middle-aged woman, whose house still needed repairs from the flood damage of the Katrina Hurricane. Wanda appreciated all of the hours spent getting her a lockable door and replacing molded plywood and siding. The donations that so many of you were so generous in giving helped offset some of the costs of the materials to make this happen.

Please pray if this is YOU. Contact Jenny Jordan at
  (949) 631-1611 (949) 631-1611 or Terry Walls at to sign up.

The following are stories from team members from the past two trips:

John Amling, Tom Steinfeld, Ray Walls, and Becca Walls of Christ Lutheran, visited New Orleans and provided Katrina relief. We were able to help a woman named Wanda. When the levies broke after Katrina, 5 and one-half feet of water rushed in and filled Wanda’s house in about 3 minutes. She tried to scurry to the safety of her attic, but her leg got caught and she was hanging upside down in the water. Wanda fought for her life like so many others.

Wanda’s front and side doors were replaced but installed incorrectly, causing severe damage with the continued storms New Orleans experiences on a yearly basis. Like so many others, Wanda experienced fraud with builders and people who were supposed to help her get her home back in living condition. She currently is still living on temporary power, which she has been doing for 7 plus years!

We were able to save and restore Wanda’s front door. We had to completely remove and tear out Wanda’s side double door, which exposed severe water damage and neglect during the post Katrina installation process. The team was able to replace the door, re-frame and rebuild the surrounding wall inside and out, waterproof the outside, create water run off for future storms, and help rebuild some of Wanda’s hope for her future.

This is just one of the many stories we heard while in New Orleans. Wanda received a lot of support to rebuild her life and her home.

It seems like the need for volunteers in New Orleans will continue for years to come. All in all it was a great trip and a first hand view of what nature can dish and how God is still more powerful than anything or anyone.
Becca W

Last year I spent 2 weeks in New Orleans. The first week we were taught how to build bunk beds for the coming transition from trailers to classrooms. The best part was when a large group of students from Chicago arrived and we worked with them on the project.
My son and I stayed another week and went to a house that was gutted. We repaired some floorboards and put up 4 walls. The lady who owned the house was thrilled to see work finally happening.
It is amazing how most of us go to New Orleans as unskilled laborers and come back with new talents. It is even more awesome how God works thru us to reach out to these folks in need.
John A

The work we did was hard but fun as we made many bunk beds to accommodate the
larger team coming in after us. Our team was great . We also took time to see
some sights.
Dwight T