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Tijuana Build

20h House Build in Tijuana thanks YOU! 

Give Thanks and Praise for an awesome and successful TIJUANA house build! The 19 team members that went on September 24th have expressed what a joy and privilege it was to be a part of this one day mission. Thanks to all of the congregation for their prayer support & donations to make this possible. PRAYERS from everyone are always needed and appreciated!

Thanks for the physical labor of the team members.  All of the past builds have been amazing.  Each of the families who receive the homes now have a brand new structure with a concrete slab, waterproof roof, lockable door, operable window with a curtain, a cross to hang on the inside wall and a wooden cross on the outside wall.  And so far, each have been blessed with the gift of a homemade blanket or quilt and/or prayer shawl from various CLC members.

And we are going to keep sharing what we have in this way!  You can be a part of the team in three ways. 


2)    Be a Team Member.  The requirements are to have a current passport, 14 to 17 year olds need to have a parent with them, and a fee of $50.  Watch for the  date for the next build.

3)    Be a financial supporter with special donations designated “TJ SUPPLIES”.  We are collecting funds year round to cover the approximately $2500 for the materials for the house, for the Spanish Bibles, and beans and rice that are shared with the family and neighbors. 


Thoughts and Comments from past Team Members:

I feel the same each time I go.  The night before I think,  "I wish I could sleep in tomorrow morning." Then I give up my 12-16 hours and put in some vigorous,  but enjoyable work with some very nice people. Then I get home and replay the memories we made in Tijuana for days and even weeks on end. I get so very, very much more than I gave. Memories, friendships,  a home for a needy family. The payback is 20 times what I gave. All for 1 day out of my life.   Jerry


The Tijuana build was a long but fulfilling day. It was as like before, a great opportunity to live out my faith in service to those less fortunate than myself and to echo Christ's love to the world. The house went up great with few issues and will now provide a better home than what the occupants previously had, and being a part of that was once again a rewarding experience.  Joel


Each TJ house build, we know there is a story of poverty and challenges though we often just get a visual glimpse of a family's struggle. On this trip, I met Margarita who slowly and painfully climbed a long stairway made of old car tires stacked up and filled with dirt to reach the road. I greeted her and introduced myself. To my surprise, she offered to give me a tour of her home below the build site. It was a set of separate rooms covered by an assortment of materials upon the roof to stop leaks. Her own room doubled as a kitchen. The other room was extremely small and shared by her two teenage grandchildren, both of whom seemed to be mentally challenged. Their parents had deserted them, leaving Margarita to care for her grandchildren on a meager income. Neither child attended school due to the expense of uniforms and supplies.

 Meanwhile, above the wall of tires, our group was hard at work carrying materials, cutting, hammering and painting in the hot sun. When the little house was complete, the first thing that Margarita wanted to share was how much she liked the cross adorning the outside wall of the house as well as one hung up within the house. Letty, equipped with fluent Spanish and her gift of expressing compassion, embraced this dear lady and told her the house our group constructed was very small, but built with great love. Letty went on to remind and encourage her of God's great love for her. Margarita quietly cried as she listened, as we hugged her, as she received the gifts and the keys. She was so quiet, humble and grateful. Letty thanked her for giving our group the opportunity to share God's love with her. Indeed, we were all honored to offer one day to touch this woman's and her grandchildren's lives with God's love. “We love because He first loved us.”  Denise and Letty