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Honduras Mission

Honduras Mission Trip Update and Save the Date June 15-22 2019 

On July 21st, we headed out for CLC’s 10th mission trip to Honduras to bring the Gospel and the love of Jesus and basic medicines and supplies to the people we served!  The team members from CLC are Pastor Glenn Shelton, Barbara Hoenecke, Jane Jones, Stephanie Shields, Becca Walls and Terry Walls. We were joined by 18 others which included several newbies and returnees from four different churches in two different states.

We served over 1950 Hondurans from two different neighborhoods around Tegucigalpa.  There are 163 new Christians in the world as a result of the Holy Spirit working in our evangelism stations.  The children’s ministry included songs, play time, the story of Jesus, lice treatment, hair washing and styling for over 300 kids.

For this trip, we raised approximately $5400 and spent it all!  We purchased prescription reading glasses, sunglasses, Spanish Bibles, cement floor ingredients, lice shampoo and hair pretties, labels, various supplies and LOTS of medicines. Many of the meds were from other mission organizations who provide these for a cost of about 10 cents to the dollar value.

We received physical donations of 500 home-made salvation bracelets and salvation squares to share with the kids, 100 homemade hair ribbons, lots of toothbrushes and tooth paste, used eye glasses, baby blankets home made with love, disposable gloves, and various medical items. Thank you to all of the generous people giving of their time and talents to make the items and asking their dentists and collecting the various items.

And thank you for all of your prayers and monetary donations to make this trip possible.

Next year’s date has been set for June 15-22, 2019.  
The first meeting of the11th Mission Team to Honduras from Christ Lutheran has been held and included returning team members as well as new faces. We also have team members from other states that we are coordinating with. The team is planning and organizing for their weeklong trip through World Gospel Outreach (“WGO”) this July. There is lots to do and that is where all of CLC become vital members of the team.
Here are some ways that EVERYONE can help.
1. PRAYERS - are what we need the most. Pray that we witness to as many Hondurans as possible, share the Gospel and that the Holy Spirit then converts. Pray for safe travels to and from Honduras as well as while in country. Pray for health, camaraderie, fun, flexibility, willing hands and willing hearts.
2. MONETARY DONATIONS - can also be made by using the envelopes in the pews and mark them for HONDURAS. Our budget is a minimum of $4000 to cover the basic supplies. We can purchase medicines from nonprofit entities for approximately 10 cents for $1 value so monetary donations work best.
3. TOOTHBRUSHES AND TOOTHPASTES - please ask for these from your dentists so we do not have to spend money on them. Often offices will donate a box or two but even the one you get free at your visit helps.
4. USED EYEGLASSES - Yes, these can be a blessing for people in Honduras. There is a collection box for these in the back of the narthex.
5. FUNDRAISERS - Mark your Calendars! We will be having a Newport Rib Company fundraiser on March 11th and hosting Churros on the plaza on April 15th. Check the weekly bulletin for more information.
We CANNOT do this trip without help. We take medications, new prescription glasses that we purchase, lice shampoo, salvation bracelets, hair pretties, la-bels, et al to share with the people we serve. We also purchase Spanish Bibles, basic building supplies and cement through WGO to use for evangelism and house projects. ALL of your donations are used for the team’s supplies, NOT for our costs to go.
And it is still possible to join this team and/or ask for information about it to see if this trip is for you. If you have any questions, please contact Terry Walls at Muchas gracias.