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Student Testimonies

Christ Lutheran means kind people, good teachers and amazing friends. One thing I love about Christ Lutheran is that we get to learn about Jesus and we have chapel and get to be freely baptized. The last thing is that we are so blessed with classroom chromebooks and all we have here.-  Marley, 3rd grade
Christ Lutheran teaches me about God and to me is one of my favorite places ever. I love this school because it challenges me and always asks me to do my best.- Lucy, 4th grade
There are good friends and we do really fun things and go on really fun fieldtrips!!!! There are also really nice teachers like Mrs. Tornow!!!!!!!- Elizabeth, 4th grade
CLS has a great curriculum and great kids. CLS teaches about God and God is important. I love the lunch system it works out very well. The sports are equally as good as lunch. I thing I have turned out better in this school than my old school. I love it at CLS!- Aiden, 5th grade
What Christ Lutheran means to me is a safe place to learn. Also where there are people who are nice and caring. Sometimes I like a place where I can pray and learn about God. Finally I think there is a lot of smart teachers and smart staff working hard every day to make me smarter and stronger with God. I just like it because I know everyone here knows and loves Christ.- Jason, 5th grade
Christ Lutheran is a second home to me, where I can share my faith.- Josiah, 6th grade
I've been at this school for a while and I love it! All the teachers are so nice. Christ Lutheran is like my second family. I love them.<3- Meghan, 6th grade
Christ Lutheran School is my favorite school so far. With the teachers and all of my friends it is a great school. It has amazing teachers because they actually care and want you to strive to your best potential. I came from a public school where I just struggled and the teachers did nothing. Everyone is great, nice and caring. I have a great class and teacher and I'm looking forward to another year and a half here.- Cassie, 7th grade